Ubuntu 11.10 – Unity UI

I have updated one of my PC’s with the new Ubuntu 11.10 release.
I have mixed feelings about the new default UI, Unity. I gave it a chance for approximately one week where it was the default UI on my desktop PC. I can see some of the good ideas behind the design, but I can not understand why it also is the default UI for a desktop PC. On top of that the previous Ubuntu Classic is not available as an option.
So I found the Xubuntu-desktop package in the Ubuntu Software Center and have chosen it as my default desktop UI – and you know what, even though it is more simple and you have to do some customization of the desktop – I love it! It is fast and easy to use.
So until Unity/Gnome put their acts together and design an UI suitable for a desktop PC, I will stick with Xubuntu.
My laptops? No way, I am not installing Ubuntu 11.10 on them. I will remain on Ubuntu 11.04 until the Ubuntu distribution offers an option to select “Ubuntu Classic” again.
I do not hate the Unity UI, but I don’t find it suitable for a desktop PC.

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