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Test of IT infrastructure – the firewall

First draft of my post: So you have to test (or check) a firewall in a new or existing it-infrastructure?



The beginning

This question is what the test approach should be and this can partly be clarified if you can answer the following questions:

Is it a test of the firewall product? Is so then plan a test as you would for any other software product based on requirements, design, risks, etc. Because basically a firewall is a server running a OS and a application with some management interface. This test approach is out of scope for this post.

Is the firewall a part of a for example an enterprise infrastructure? Is so then plan a test that explores the firewall customization to the it-infrastructure that it is a part of. This test is what is described in the rest of this post.

Now, as a basic assumption for the test approach I assume that the firewall product is reliable and stable is operation. I know “assumptions is the mother of all fuck-ups”, however this is a risk I take at this stage. It will be at the top of my list of risks. Continue reading

Test of IT infrastructure

A colleague asked me about a reference to a blog or site where inspiration for test of IT infrastructure could be found. I did not have any at hand.
I performed a quick search on Google which showed me that the topic of how to scope your test when testing IT infrastructure is not that common – in fact almost non existing (according to my Google search).
Since I have executed a lot of IT infrastructure testing I am inspired to write about this special(?) topic on my blog in coming post.
It is my perception that a lot of testers execute a lot of test in the higher levels of the OSI model and in many cases assume (often correctly) that the underlying infrastructure is dependable.

But what about test in connection with:

  • Building a new infrastructure
  • Moving an existing infrastructure
  • Decommissioning an old infrastructure
  • Data migration between infrastructures
  • Application migration between infrastructures
  • (and many more scenarios)

How is the IT infrastructure designed and why has this design been chosen? Is it relevant to test the cabling system in a new building? Is it relevant to test redundancy on the network layers? Can wireless network coverage and capacity be tested? Should the firewall and Proxy functionality be tested? Do all file shares have the correct group rights? And what about security in the network?

Who can I ask all these questions and more important who can approve the test scope and execute test?