Result of your exam CATCert

I got a letter today with results from my CAT exams.

Dear Mr Ravnbak,

Unfortunately you have not passed the examination to iSQI® Certified Agile Tester Certified.

You reached the results listed below:

Soft Skills: PASS 100,00%
Practical Exam: 76,25%
Written Exam: 43,00%
Total result: 63,66%

To pass the exam a minimum total result of 65.00%, a minimum practical exam result of 50% and a minimum written exam result of 50% were necessary.

We would like to give you the opportunity to take the examination again.
If you are interested, dates and conditions can be looked up on our web site Further exam dates are available on request.

About the opportunity to take the examination again – no thanks!

I will take the exam again when it can be performed on a computer with spelling control – I will not do another handwritten exam on paper!