Privacy uses cookies to remember your settings and for datatraffic measurement purposes.


A cookie is a small text file stored in your web browser that enables a website to recognize your web browser if you visit the same website frequently. Cookies can, for example, be used to compile statistics on how users use the website or to send individualized information to your browser.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot gather information from the user’s computer, spread computer viruses or other programs that can damage your computer. A cookie may contain text, figures or, for example, a date, but no personal information is saved in a cookie.

How to delete and avoid Cookies

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block all cookies, delete existing cookies from your hard drive or receive a warning before a cookie is saved. On FDIM’s (Danish Association of Interactive Media) website, you will find a guide on how to set your browser: Take note that the guide applies to the vast majority of browsers, but there will be a few that are not listed. You can always use the Help function in your browser to get more information on cookie settings. Normally, you do this by pressing F1 on your PC. Search for “cookies”.

How we use Cookies

Here is a list of the primary cookies used on this website:

Jetpack Comments
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
comment_author_ 347 days All three of these are site specific. They duplicate the cookies already set by Core for commenting.
comment_author_email_ 347 days As above.
comment_author_url_ 347 days As above.
Mobile Theme
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
akm_mobile 3.5 days Tracking whether or not a user wishes to view the mobile version of a site.
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
jetpack_comments_subscribe_ 347 days Used to store the state of the post and comment subscription checkboxes.
jetpack_blog_subscribe_ 347 days As above.
EU Cookie Law Banner
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
eucookielaw 30 days Used to store the state of acceptance to the EU Cookie Law banner.
Cookies set for registered users
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
jetpackstate session Set to pass state message back to the user across requests
about module activation.
Jetpack Protect
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
jpp_math_pass 1 day Remember if the user has successfully completed a math problem to prove that they’re a real human.
Single Sign On
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
jetpack_sso_redirect_to 1 hour Allows for redirect URLs to be stored, necessary for Single Sign On.
jetpack_sso_remember_me 1 hour Stores ‘me’ values locally, rather than requiring them to be passed to every time for Single Sign On.
jetpack_sso_wpcom_name_ 1 week or cleared after completing login Stores the display name to show on login page.
jetpack_sso_wpcom_gravatar_ 1 week or cleared after completing login Stores the Gravatar url to show on login page.
jetpack_sso_original_request 1 hour Stores the URL of where the original SSO request was made from.
jetpack_sso_nonce 10 minutes Used for nonce verification.
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
stnojs 2 days The stats module may set an admin-area cookie if the user needs to view stats reports without javascript turned on.
Registered, but not connected
Cookie Name Duration Purpose
tk_ai session Used as an anonymous ID if the logged in user is not connected with

Collection of personally identifiable information

We collect non-personally identifiable information that is typically made available by web browsers and servers. The information includes, browser type, browser version, operating system, language preference, referring home page, and the date and time of each visit agree postings on home page. The purpose of the gathering is to better understand how visitors use the site.

We also collects potentially personally identifiable information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and e-mail addresses for users who leave comments to the posts. IP addresses and e-mail addresses are available to the administrator of this home page.

Personal information is never disclosed to third parties unless you explicitly commit it and we never collect personal information unless you have given us this information at registration, purchase, or participating in a survey, etc.