About ISO 29119

The tester community do not like the upcoming ISO 29119 “standard”. Why is that?Stop ISO 29119 Another issue is that is this really a standard created according to the rules and guide lines from the ISO organization?

Here’s my very short list of reading before you make up your mind:

DevelopSense, Frequently-Asked Questions About the 29119 Controversy

Huib Schoots has a collection of resources here: ISO29119

If you do not agree on making ISO 29119 a testing standard then support the tester community against the standard by signing the Petition: Stop 29119

It is my opinion that I don’t need a standard for my work that tries to guide my way of thinking in the same way no matter what kind of product or project I working on. I believe that testing and preparation of testing activities should always be done with respect to the context in which it is performed. It is also my believes that a standard will only increase the costs of testing without adding more value to the end product.