CAT exam

October 6, 2014 I took the two part CAT exam.

The first part is a 2½ hours practical exam where you have a laptop with some software you have to execute tests on and find defects (kind of cool to do actual testing). Whilst executing tests you have to write down what you do in order to demonstrate that you understand the Agile process (or a agile process).

The second part is a 3 hours theoretical exam with 10 questions and 3 scenarios with a number of sub questions.

There is a 1 hours break between the two parts of the exam.

I think the first part of the exam went well for me – I’m a tester and I understand the agile process – so no problem.

The second part did not go well. There were many questions and I felt that a lot of text was needed to provide a good answer. I only managed to answer about 60% of the questions before time was up. And I don’t assume that all of my answers is awarded with full marks.

My biggest problem is handwritten exams in English. English is not my first language and it is many years ago since I stopped handwriting anything but my personal signature and my shopping lists. Other than that everything else is written on a computer.

Will I take the exam again if I fail? No I don’t think so, unless I am allowed to write my answers on a computer with spelling control.

If you take the CAT exam then practice handwriting first. That is the biggest thing about this exam!